Practicing emotional self awareness, psychological flexibility and acceptance increases our ability to cope with stress, painful experiences, and uncomfortable emotions. I utilize an insight oriented, creative, eclectic approach centered in mindfulness. I addresses problems from a compassionate, holistic, strength-based perspective, meeting clients where they are. With emphasis on collaborative empowerment, psychodynamic and narrative theory I offer a non-judgmental, safe environment for clients to explore and develop tools to address distressing challenges related to their emotional health, physical body, and subtle energetic body. Our work together involves expanding conscious awareness of thoughts, values, needs and behavior patterns. This involves creating personal wellness goals based on your values.

I offer support to individuals going through life transitions, moving through painful experiences, changing patterned behaviors, seeking deeper connections with themselves, to develop skills to maintain more satisfying relationships with themselves and others.

I seek to help develop tools within you to identify and address these challenges with patience, kindness and courage. I commit to embarking on the journey of delving into your life with you and empathetically travelling alongside offering support. I will collaborate with you to move toward wholeness, clarifying your personal therapeutic wellness goals.

My role as a therapist is to assist you in developing and accomplishing these goals by assisting you in finding compassionate and effective ways to approach your current struggles. I will shape and adjust my approach toward therapy to align with your unique values. It is my hope to eventually work myself out of a job and to help you feel more balanced and in control.

If we are not a good fit I will help you find someone who is. I am deeply committed to the work of empowering fellow human beings. Below is a list of graduate courses and formal trainings that I have received in various therapeutic models.
I have received formal training in:
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
– Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
– Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
– Mindfulness – Vipassana insight meditation
– Motivational Interviewing
– Trauma Informed Therapies 

Major graduate coursework included:
– Multicultural Counseling
– Career Counseling
– Diagnosis and Psychotherapy
– Advanced Human Growth & Development
– Foundations of Counseling and Diversity
– Couples Counseling
– Family Therapy
– Group Therapy
– Assessment & Appraisal

Issues / Treatment
There are times when all of us are overwhelmed by emotions, thoughts, or life challenges.  Transitions often come upon us quickly, and catch us off guard.  I will do my best to help you identify values and priorities. Whether it’s navigating a role change, coping with painful uncomfortable feelings, seeking personal growth, or simply being overwhelmed. I am willing to make the journey towards healing with you.

General Issues: Relationships, Role Changes, Life Transition, Grief/Loss, Spiritual Growth, Caregiving Exhaustion, Trauma, PTSD, Decision Making, Purpose, Anxiety, Depression, End of Life issues, Addiction, Mind and Body, Values Clarification, Career, Self Esteem, Coping Skills, Codependency, Relationships, Sexual Abuse/Issues, Womens Issues, Divorce, Codependency, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Personal Growth, Emotional Disturbance, Life Planning.    

Specializations: I especially enjoy working with women  and men 40 and older with life transitions, role changes, trauma resolution & grief/loss & personal growth.

“There is only one refuge from fear and that is to hold it with care and turn towards love”

– Dr. Martin Luther King

May all beings have joy. May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings be at ease.

-Metta Prayer